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Purple Book

Have you done the Purple Book Challenge yet?

The Purple Book helps you find the answers you need from the Bible while helping you build a solid foundation as a Christian.


This 12-part "Biblical Foundations" series covers the essential truths of the Christian faith in a style that not only educates you in the Scripture, but empowers you to learn and help others.

1 / Sin and Salvation

It starts with the original story in Genesis and the results of sin and how God provides a solution for sin through Jesus' death and resurrection. Then as a result of God's sacrifice, we are given a new life as children of God and how we find grace through faith in God's solution for our salvation.

2 / Lordship and Obedience

This chapter describes and proves how Jesus is Lord and messiah, and the sanctification journey that lead us to victory over sin because of Christ. It also underscores the Bible’s teaching that as Christians saved by grace, we are expected to live in a new way in relation to God and to each other.

3 / Repentance and Baptism

Describes repentance and relationship between a father and a son through the biblical prodigal son story and how we can respond by taking steps (repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Spirit, and belong to a community of believers) to restore our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

4 / The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

The reader learns who is the Holy Spirit is and how his fruit starts to reflect and abide in the the new believer as a son of God. Then it dives into the gifts of the spirit given by God to his children to equip us to serve the Lord for the Great Commission. It finishes the chapter with the post conversion experience with the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

5 / Spiritual Hunger and God's Word

On this chapter you will see that the Bible refers to "God's Word" as the driving force behind the creation of the universe and it represents the authority, and power of the word of God. It also teaches us its benefits and how to maintain our spiritual tank full by meditating and applying the word of God in our personal life.

6 / Discipleship and Leadership

Discipleship and leadership is the main focus of this chapter and it takes us through five different lessons:

  1. The call to make disciples as we adopt and imitate the teachings of Jesus to go make disciples of all nations.

  2. The Absolute cost of surrender to follow and obey Christ.

  3. Discipleship and the cross - The self cross destroys self-effort and how Jesus paid our debt of sin and delivered us from the power of evil.

  4. Christian Character - Many are gifted, yet the real test is a person’s character, habits, and lifestyle. Though every disciple is given gifts for the benefit of the entire body of Christ, it is the fruit of a godly life that we must cultivate if we are to bear the marks of a true follower of Jesus.

  5. Discipleship and Leadership - Anyone who wants to lead first has to learn how to follow (Luke 22:26,27)

7 / Spiritual Family

Just as God determines our parents and other family members, He has also chosen the spiritual family that we are born into. The church is God’s instrument for advancing His kingdom. The church's accountability is to encourage repentance, healing and restoration.

Jesus told His disciples to eat and drink in remembrance of Him. This “communion,” as it is often called, represents Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross—as well as our new life, our new relationship with Him. To this day, followers of Jesus observe “communion” in obedience to Him.

8 / Prayer and Worship

Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a relationship between God and humanity. All relationships grow through communication. Communication is a two-way process involving both talking and listening. God talks to us in many ways but primarily through His Word. We talk to Him through prayer and worship. We listen to Him as we read the Bible. He listens to us when we pray and worship. We respond to His Word with action. He responds to our prayers and worship with action.

9 / Faith and Hope

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.            HEBREWS 11:1 


Faith is more than a one-time mental acknowledgment of who Jesus is and what He has done for us. God wants those who have been saved to continue to live by faith; that is, He wants our faith to lead to faithfulness (Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 2:20; 3:11; Hebrews 10:38).

10 / Biblical Prosperity and Generosity

Literally thousands of passages in the Bible deal with the subject of money. Money is a powerful tool that, like most things, can be used either for great good or for great evil. In this chapter we will explore both the dangers and opportunities that money brings to a follower of Jesus. We will also examine our attitude toward money to see if we view money as means to an end or as an end in itself.

11 / Evangelism and World Missions

Before returning to heaven, Jesus promised to send His disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit. But He also gave His followers a job to do. The message of salvation was meant to be shared with everyone in every nation. Jesus wants us to proclaim this message—that is, to share the gospel—with our words (“teaching them . . .”) and our deeds (“make disciples . . .”). The good news is that God Himself has empowered us to be His representatives: “Behold, I am with you always . . .”

12 / Resurrection and Judgment

According to the Bible, all of us have three inescapable appointments: death, resurrection, and judgment. We all will die one day. We all will be raised again—but not just as disembodied spirits. And we all will be judged at the throne of God.

Biblical Foundations for Building Strong Disciples

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